Monticello Christian Church members are a cross-section of the White County area. People of many backgrounds and theologies gather here in a church with the basic belief that every person must follow Jesus the Christ as he or she is personally led by the Bible and the Holy Spirit.

We celebrate weekly Communion in our services in keeping with the book of Acts. Church membership is not required to take part in the communion service.

We baptize through “believer’s baptism” by immersion. This understanding is that the baptismal candidate makes a conscious decision of his or her own free will to follow the lordship of Jesus. Though we practice baptism by immersion, we accept into membership those whom have experienced baptism by a different tradition.

We also believe in congregational autonomy whereby the individual local congregation makes all decisions concerning the life of the church body.

Church History

The beginning of Monticello Christian Church dates back to 1887 when Rev. J.O. Smith held meetings to organize a local church. A total of 134 members made up the early Monticello Christian Church which was located on the corner of Marion and Main street in Monticello Indiana.

After a fire destroyed the first church building in 1901, a new church was built in 1903 which was located on Bluff Street. The building still stands but has since been converted into apartments and is currently known as the Bell Tower Apartments. By 1915, the church reached a membership of about 250.

Because the church continued to grow, a decision was made to relocate the church to a new location for expansion. The Monticello Speedway Track ground was purchased and a new facility was built in 1968 on the corner of Gordon and Airport Road. This location is where the present church stands and membership has grown to currently over 400 members.

our Beliefs

The Bible is the sole authority of faith and church life

The Bible is God’s inerrant Word

Jesus the Christ is the only way of salvation

Jesus was born of a virgin, died on the cross for the remission of our sins, rose from the grave on Easter establishing our eternal life, is seated at the right hand of the Living God in heaven, will return again at the Second Coming

Salvation occurs at the moment the heart receives Jesus as personal Lord and Savior

The Confession of Faith is where the new believer proclaims Jesus before the congregation

Baptism is an outward symbol of the inner change and the first step of Christian obedience

Baptism is conducted for persons of age who fully understand who Jesus is and are able to accept him as Savior.

Baptism is by immersion

Church membership requires acceptance of Jesus, public Confession of Faith, and baptism

Persons may transfer into the church without repeating baptism if they have been baptized previously

Communion is open to all baptized persons regardless of membership

Communion is celebrated every Sunday but is not obligatory

Women are on equal basis as men in church work and leadership

Pastors are chosen through a Pulpit Task Force and congregational vote

The church is congregationally governed

The church property belongs to the local church membership

The church is non-denominational, not affiliated with any outside group

The Forge

In the fall of 2014, The Forge was opened for ministry. This is a highly equipped modern facility designed to meet the current and upcoming needs of children and youth in a welcoming environment.

A full size Jr. High regulation size gym with state of the art basketball goals and volleyball standards is the center of the facility. A large kitchen is adjacent to this gymnasium.

Three classrooms for children’s Sunday School classes can meet the needs of 75 children. Two youth rooms, as well as a lounge, are located upstairs. Handicapped restrooms and numerous storage areas round off the building.

Currently the facility is used for children’s Sunday School, Jr. and Sr. High youth groups, Vacation Bible School, concerts, overflow events from the main church, as well as community sports teams practices.


The Bible is the sole authority for governance of the church

The Pastors provide leadership over all areas of the church

The Elders are the spiritual leaders of the church

The Deacons are the servants at the table for the offerings and Communion

The Deaconesses are the women who prepare the Communion emblems

The General Board is made up of representatives of the various groups in the congregation, and they make the business decisions of the church

The teams are responsible for various areas of ministry (Christian Education, Worship, Missions, Property, etc.)

Membership votes on all major decisions affecting the life of the church.